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Water Re-Use

PE&E adapts solutions to the environmental demands in the international markets and Water Re-Use plays a tremendous role in countries with water scarcity or difficult access to water sources.

To minimize water consumption at an industrial site, for example, 100% reuse of the treated wastewater can be achieved by implementing a “Zero Liquid Discharge” (ZLD) wastewater treatment plant where 40% of the treated wastewater can be recycled back to the processing facilities for reuse and 60% of the treated wastewater is used for irrigation of green areas. A rainwater harvesting system can also be implemented at the site to compensate the capacity of the site to retain and absorb rainwater.

Advanced technologies, including Membranes and Tertiary Treatment, have also led to substantial water re-use, thereby reducing the need to go to nature’s own sources, regardless of whether or not further purification is needed. PE&E has not only incorporated tertiary treatment systems in its solutions, but in effect worked with all technology providers to enhance and optimize the performance, to cater for the strict demands of the environment and clients world-wide.


  • Zero Liquid Discharge as a solution for projects in countries with water scarcity
  • Reusing wastewater is a reduction in pollution of waters receiving discharge of sewage. Reducing the volume of this discharge is a powerful driver for wastewater reuse.
  • Expensive conversion of salty seawater into process water can be avoided by re-introducing treated wastewater into the system
  • Wastewater can be treated and re-used for agricultural irrigation or sanitary facilities
  • Protecting water, a valuable resource

Environmental challenges

Human impacts on freshwater systems are substantial in most populated parts of the world. Over-extraction of freshwater, mainly for agriculture, has led to significant degradation of rivers, lakes and aquifers. Liberation of water for the environment through substitution with wastewater has been promoted as a means of reducing human impacts. The key challenge facing many countries is to develop strategies to meet the increasing water demands of society but which do not further degrade the integrity of the environment. May it be Resource in terms of Water or Energy; PE&E maximize the re-use potential in every application and project it executes in order to work (cost) efficiently and at the same time protecting these valuable resources - in brief: Passavant Energy & Environment is your partner for tailor-made solution. 

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