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Industrial Wastewater Treatment

We design and build individual steps for the treatment of water processed by diverse industries and also complete turnkey treatment plants. We undertake complete responsibility of tailor-made projects meeting the requirements for Re-Use as process or cooling water or to introduce into the municipal wastewater system, from the initial feasibility study to full turnkey plant installation.

Our portfolio of physical-chemical processes encompasses the entire range of methods for separating solids from liquids. Furthermore, we offer solutions for removing dissolved organic and inorganic deposits from water. 

Process water can be produced from various water resources on the basis of appropriate processes.

Our plants can treat wastewater from:

  • Oil and gas industry
  • Paper industry
  • Dairy industry
  • Other industries


  • “Zero-Liquid-Discharge” for 100% Re-Use of water volume
  • Our specialized Turbo-LME process which has been optimized over decades offers optimal clear water quality and optimally combines the stages of flocculation/precipitation and sedimentation in the lamella separators, incl. the thickening stage of the created sludge. Besides being used to remove particles from water, this process is also suitable for removing heavy metals by precipitation/Sedimentation.

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