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Passavant Energy & Environment GmbH signed new contract for third project in Palestine

18.03.2015 17:14
by PASSAVANT Energy & Environment (KF)
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On 5th of March 2015 Otto Hofmann, Head of Proposals, signed in the Name of the Joint Venture Passavant E&E/ESSCO/Hinnawi the contract for the construction of the Tayasir Wastewater Treatment Plant with associated collection, conveyance and reuse components in Ramallah. The contract value of 17.9 Mio Euro is financed by the European Union.

The contract consist of the construction of a new Wastewater Treatment Plant (4.300 m³/day) with extended Aeration System and Sludge Treatment plus sewerage collection system as well as an irrigation network with around 41 km length for the municipalities of Aqqaba, Tubas, Tayasir in Palestine.

Tayasir is now the third project after the WWTPs of Al Bireh and Nablus for Passavant Energy & Environment in Palestine.

About Passavant Energy & Environment

Passavant has always been a name synonymous with excellence of execution through innovation. Invariably in 2014 and always visualizing, the company strived from its roots in environmental preservation further to encompass Energy Re-Use, in addition to Water Re-Use; thereby dually focusing on both of the globally limited resourcessimultaneously.

Passavant-Roediger GmbH evolves into Passavant Energy & Environment, thereby expanding its portfolio including more than only Green Energy solutions but elevating its project delivery from full turnkey EPC contracts to holistic solutions for Water and Energy Re-Use. Passavant Energy & Environment’s paradigm shift in solution provision is well-defined as a comprehensive benefit: PE&E is a complete solution provider and encompasses EPC contracting, O&M service provision, financing, as required by the client but under the umbrella of a complete water and energy resource optimization scheme. Far reaching implications extend possibilities beyond industry-norm material value, with both financial and technological long term sustainable benefits.

The evolution of Passavant-Roediger into Passavant Energy & Environment represents a quantum leap in positioning the company as a unique complete solutions provider, building on more than 150 year of experience in bespoke designs and EPC execution of turnkey water, wastewater, waste and sludge treatment, Waste to Energy projects, synergetic with energy and environmental solutions.

Established in 1842 in Germany, Passavant developed groundbreaking technologies and processes in municipal wastewater, sludge, water and industrial wastewater treatment, including the company’s in-house world renowned sludge digestion technology which is a pioneering system for the production of usable materials from sewage sludge. In the process PE&E has continuously re-defined positively the industry norms and its systems have been adopted by hundreds of waste water treatment plants all over the world. The company also developed the Lamella separator technology for water treatment, which is a Passavant Energy & Environment state-of-the-art four stage processes used for water treatment.

Today, Passavant Energy & Environment’s steady growth and the establishment of various subsidiaries in Europe, MENA and Asia open a gate to establish and acquire businesses in new markets. Winning awards for projects world-wide, including, but not limited to North Africa, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey, Europe and Asia, including China and Vietnam amounting to 500 million Euros,.

The core principle of Passavant Energy & Environment is to maintain world-class service with German standards. The fully integrated Management System certified to DIN EN ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 ensures that the relevant requirements for quality are recognized for all projects until the completion of work in terms of Planning, Manufacture, Delivery and Operation of products and plants for waste water purification, treatment of potable water and municipal solid waste and refurbishment of hydro power plants. Passavant Energy & Environment designed and installed plants currently treating over 10 Million cubic meters of water and generate over 600 MW of electricity worldwide.

Passavant Energy & Environment. Revolutionary Sustainability.


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