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Energy Re-Use

Being a holistic solutions provider serving the international market, Passavant Energy & Environment has gained experience with different cultural and environmental demands and refined its sense for the requirements of tailor-made projects for clients.

In the field of Wastewater Treatment, Sludge Treatment and Waste Treatment, Passavant Energy & Environment can extract the most from biogas to the benefit of the client. Renewable Energy is not new to the industry; moreover it is a must for an innovative, forward thinking business. What PE&E offers the client is the maximization of the green energy generation and re-use from the biogas produced due to the configuration of our system: PE&E’s Energy Re-Use concept gives the client the most suitable technology plus an add-on that guarantees the production of electricity with the highest efficiency among peers in the industry. Furthermore we know how to use CHP in many more ways other than with biogas.


  • Enhanced CHP: PE&E guarantees the production of electricity with the highest efficiency among peers in the industry
  • Plant energy demand can be covered and surplus electricity can be supplied to the national grid
  • No external heat supply needed
  • Protection of natural resources by utilization of the produced biogas
  • Reduction of CO² emissions
  • Production of valuable, homogenous, nutrient rich fertilizer
  • Reduction of waste to landfill
  • Rendering of Waste as harmless; upto Class A. The economic and ecologic rational behind the heat-operated plant (the CHP’s output follows the demand for heat) is to use all of the heat that has been generated on-the-spot. Surplus electricity can be supplied to the national grid. Therefore less generator or external capacity is needed, substitutes the increasing usage of CHP the electricity from fossil condensing power plants of medium load (mainly coal) and thus enables a lower carbon dioxide emission.


Aspect on Ecology and the Environment

As mentioned above, CHP reaches an overall significantly higher utilization rate compared to the conventional power plant on coal base, where half of the energy produced is obtained as waste heat. Using it as community heating would mean significant transport losses (10 – 15%) and require a complex and expensive pipeline network, as by central power plants the heat source and heat consumer usually a far apart. Moreover, about 2 to 5% of the energy gets lost when electricity is transported via pipe. Common CHP have an electrical efficiency of approximately 25 to 38 % (depending on the size and type), whereas Passavant Energy & Environments guarantees the production of even more electricity. The overall efficiency of about 90% can only be achieved when electricity and heat can be used directly on site.

Basic CHP scheme:

Basic CHP scheme


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