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Otto Hofmann began his professional career with an apprenticeship as a toolmake at Ymos Mettallwerke, a Bavarian automotive supplier. After he successfully completed the training, he took over the programming of special welding robots.

In 1991 he completed a degree in mechanical engineering at the Minicpal Technical Shool Aschaffenburg was immediately hired by the company Brochier Water and Wastewater Engineering for the technical purchase and tendering where he was responsible for the international submission.

Otto Hofmann joined Passavant in 1996, back then called Passavant-Roediger, as Proposals Manager. For 6 years he has been leading the department and has over 25 years of professional experience in international business. He is responsible fo all tender submissions, all negotiations with partners and customers worldwide and the first contact Partner. Otto Hofman has been involved in all major projects and has excellent knowledge about water/wastewater/waste, plant construction, engeneering, re-newable energy and environment as well as the latest state of the art technologies. 

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