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Since he successfully completed his studies in mechanical engineering and industrial engineering, Hasan Taskin has worked for international companies in various countries. This includes projects in nuclear power, plants for Solid Waste, environmental and green energy plants. 

From 1998 Hasan Taskin was the Director of Business Strategy Implementation and General Manager at the head office and is a key person in overseeing the growth of the business, assigning the strategical and economical philosophy of the company to his day-to-day work. Since 2015 he is the Managing Director of Passavant Energy & Environment GmbH and leads the company together with Managing Director Kris Wiume.

Moreover Hasan Taskin is the Managing Director of Passavant’s Turkey Operations and is responsible for driving the growth, both in terms of backlog and revenue, in Turkey and neighbouring key countries such as Iraq and the Balkans.

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